Humor Writing Prompt #16: Closing Line

Humor Writing Prompts

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

—Semisonic “Closing Time”

In an ongoing attempt to jump-start your attempt to pen something uproariously funny, or at the very least amusing, here’s another jolt of inspiration for you creative types to use however you like.

Pull any novel from your bookshelf (or eBook reader), any genre, and find the last sentence in the book. This final line is now the first sentence of the first paragraph of your new funny story. Ideally, this new story should have nothing to do with the original. #ClosingLine

When you’ve finished, if you feel compelled, share your results (or a link to your results if they’re longer) in the comments. And if your story fits with our upcoming theme issue, “Winning,” consider submitting it for publication in National Pasquinade.

Happy writing.


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