Muselist No. 80: Winning #

Muselist LogoMusic has always come hand-in-hand with putting together each issue of the National Pasquinade, inspiring the content and creation. Hell, “muse” is even part of the word!

What follows here are some tunes to inspire myself and the other writers and artists during the creation of the upcoming Winning #. Maybe they’ll also inspire you to create and submit your own comic masterpiece. Submissions can be emailed to us at

If you’d like to listen on Spotify, I’ve created a playlist just for you (note that all of the songs listed below may not be available on Spotify). Then tell us your favorite song about “Winning” in the comments.

  • “Winning” (Santana)
  • “Life’s Been Good” (Joe Walsh)
  • “We Are the Champions” (Queen)
  • “Win It All” (Smash Palace)
  • “Finish What Ya Started” (Van Halen)
  • “The Winner Takes It All” (ABBA)
  • “Win Your Love For Me” (Sam Cooke)
  • “The Distance” (Cake)
  • “Winners and Losers” (Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds)*
  • “Playing To Win” (Little River Band)
  • “I’m Gonna Win” (Foreigner)
  • “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor)
  • “Started From the Bottom” (Drake)
  • “The Final Countdown” (Europe)
  • “Roar” (Katy Perry)
  • “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” (McFadden and Whitehead)
  • “Thunder Road” (Bruce Springsteen)
  • “Every 1’s a Winner” (Hot Chocolate)
  • “Live to Win” (Motörhead)
  • “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (Starship)
  • “On Top of the World” (Imagine Dragons)
  • “Winner” (Pet Shop Boys)

*Not available on Spotify

Spotify playlists are provided for your entertainment and may contain language or situations not appropriate for younger ears or a sensitive workplace. Please exercise caution and/or headphones where necessary.

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