Humor Writing Prompt #19: Episodes

Humor Writing Prompts

“People watch three or four episodes at a time of their shows.”

—Idris Elba

In an ongoing attempt to jump-start your attempt to pen something uproariously funny, or at the very least amusing, here’s another jolt of inspiration for you creative types to use however you like.

Scripted television programs (and many unscripted “reality” programs) title each episode.

For this challenge, go to the Current Shows page on Pick any show listed and find an episode of that show that either (a) aired on your birthday in any year, or (b) the season and episode number match your birthday. For instance, if your birthday is December 3rd, the episode should have aired on 12/03 or the episode should be the third episode from season 12 (challenging when most shows only last a few seasons).

The title of this episode will be the title of your new funny story, preferably unrelated to the show or its characters. #EpisodesPrompt

When you’ve finished, if you feel compelled, share your results (or a link to your results if they’re longer) in the comments. And if your story fits with our upcoming theme issue, “Winning,” consider submitting it for publication in National Pasquinade.

Happy writing.


Listeria #21: The Winners of 2018

Listeria #21


2017 didn’t have a lot going for it. There were an increasing number of mass shootings, America transitioned into a bad reality show hosted by an angry old orangutan with tiny hands, and all of it costs more than it did in 2016.

But it’s a New Year. We have 365 days ahead of us. 365 potentially winning days. So break out the crystal ball, open that fresh deck of tarot cards, and put on those psychic mittens. Whatever it takes to prognosticate the winners of the next year. Thanks to Caldwell Murchfield (@caldmurchfield) for suggesting this one.

The Winners of 2018

  • Pfizer. Again.
  • La La Land… wait, no, it’s Moonlight. Again.
  • The hare, finally.

To play, post your own answers on Twitter to @pasquinade with the hashtag #2018WillBeWonBy, comment on the post on our Facebook page, or comment here. I encourage you, as well, to share this post freely. The more folks playing, the more there is to enjoy.

If you have an idea for a future list, send it to us at, along with at least three list items for each list submitted. Maybe you’ll see your list in a future installment or even in the digital pages of National Pasquinade.