Humor Writing Prompt #13: NatPasq 20th Anniversary, Part 8 of 10

Humor Writing Prompts

“Take away that pudding—it has no theme.”

—Sir Winston Churchill

Last month, National Pasquinade began prompting you with themes from the last twenty years of the magazine. The challenge each week is to write a funny piece, based on the themes below, that could have appeared in the magazine during the issue’s time frame.

Time Frame: Winter 2010/2011 through Summer 2012. Oprah and Harry Potter went away and Charlie Sheen drank tiger blood. And NatPasq continued to churn out theme issues. Create a funny story, parody, or article based on one of the following themes:

  • Closed For Renovations
  • Wafer Thin
  • Drunk and Stupid
  • Rejected Monsters
  • Flawed
  • 99%
  • The Fast and the Spurious

Share your results, or a link to your results if they’re longer, in the comments, if you feel so compelled. If you’re especially satisfied with your results, why not submit your finished piece to National Pasquinade for its 20th Anniversary Issue? The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2017, if you pay attention to deadlines.Happy writing.

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